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Swinging Dublin (2)

Last december, euroclass students went for a week to the irish capital city for an unforgetable trip. They tell us here the visits they enjoy the most.

Temple Bar, or…the bars Temple

We visited Temple Bar in Ireland, Dublin to discover Irish traditions. Temple Bar is popular because it is trendy. This name Temple Bar is this legendary district offering Irish and international craft beers.  Inside we drank and ate lots of good foods. We loved Temple Bar becauseitwasbright and beautiful.

Christmas lights in Temple bar

When Lyons and Burton roars in Dublin 

Agroéquipement class visited Lyons and Burton dealership. The sales representative of Lyons and Burton showed us around the dealership and explained the different types of agricultural equipment. This dealership sells different types of equipment among which : Equipment of grass harvesting (MC Hall).They sell Amazone machinery – fertilizer spreader ans disks. They also showed us New Holland tractors and allowed to pose in front one of themsothatwe have a souvenir of this great visit.

The school at gaelic games

We played Gaelic games at GAA campus in Dublin, Tuesday November 29th. The Gaelic games are : gaelic football, gaelic handball, hurling. The Gaelic games are a mix of several sports : Football, basketball, golf and volleyball. We practised Gaelic games on their pitch, on Wednesday November 30th. The Gaelic games are really funny and gave us a new vision of sports. The objective of Gaelic games is to score as many goals as possible. One goal usually worths three points.

Mathéo, Dimitri, Alexis, Pablo, Thomas, Matthias

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