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Swinging Dublin (1)

Last december, euroclass students went for a week to the irish capital city for an unforgetable trip. They tell us here the visits they enjoy the most.

Visit the nursing home

We are going to talk about the nursing-home we visited in Dublin – Belmont Nursing Home. It’s a private place. We talked to the director. The director explained the fonctioning of the structure in English. We visited and observed the views that there were from rooms that cost 1800 € per week because it is a privilege and according to the sea view while in our region there only are public nursing-homes at the price of 1500€ per month per room. We liked the nursing-home very much, as we are in human service sector.

 The Enchanted Botanical Gardens

We visited the Botanical Garden. They are very beautiful and interresting because of the diversity and sunptouosness of nature. It’s very tall and the Botanical Garden is managed by the apprentice landscapers. The College is located in the Botanical Garden and welcomes 300 students.

Our immersion in a perfect host family

During our stay in Ireland, we were welcomed by an Irish couple who had two children. We were very well received, we were staying on the floor of the house which was only for us. In the evening we shared meals together. In the morning we prepared the packed lunch ourselves. They were a very welcoming family, who were there for us in case of need.

Christmas is very important to them

Meet a press attaché at the Europe house

Lors de notre voyage scolaire de la Section Européenne du 27/11 au 01/12 2022 en Irlande, nous avons eu la chance de visiter la Europe House (bureau local de la Commission européenne en Irlande) dans sa capitale : Dublin. Nous avons rencontré et interviewé l’attaché presse irlandais du Parlement Européen. Il a répondu à nos différentes questions lors de cette rencontre.

Here is the interview :

What does your job consist in?

My job is press attaché for Irish media, for the European Parliament. I organise interviewsfor the European Parliament andI take photos.

What studies did you do to get to it?

I studied politics, press communication and have a bachelor in politics.

What do you prefer in your job?

Sometimes I write articles sometimes I write press releases

What are this advantages and drawbacks of your job?

I get to do what I really like. I workfor institutions. I maybe believe drawbacks are the 6 am flight to airport Charles-De-Gaules and TGV to Strasbourg.

What is the Europehouse?

The Europe House is what we would like it to be is : a place where citizens can come in and learn about the European Union. To some degree, that is what it is. Upstairs it is just offices and just people sitting at computers doing jobs and office jobs.

What is it link with the EuropeanCommision and the European Parliament?

The main link is the Commision propose legislation and the Parliament discuss legislation and vote on legislation so that’s the link. To terms of every day working together we sometimes have shared goals and we also have sometimes differences andgot to compromise.

Maïwenn, Lilou, Océane H., Océane B. , Alice L., Elsa D.

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